Tiger’s Eye & Black Lava-Unisex-Bracelet

This stylish Bohemian inspired Tigers Eye & Black Lava Stone - Bracelet features 2 powerful healing stones with a wooden accent and 3rd eye talisman to help you feel grounded and secure. Features the energies of the Tiger’s Eye healing stone which is known to promote vitality and helps with overcoming blockages and well as Confidence, take back your personal power and attract wealth. Black  Lava healing Stone is a grounding stone and helps strengthen your connection with Mother Gaia, and   the root chakra. Conceived in the womb of Mother Earth and birthed through fire. Lava stone healing properties are earth and fire. This powerful stone helps with the balancing of the root chakra which helps with anxiety, fears, worries, insecurities, and depression. Hand crafted with love and exclusively designed By Indigo Sky

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