The Indigo Sky Brand was created to inspire your lifestyle. By incorporating our original designs as well as other brands, we excel in selling unique one of a kind products, as well as the latest in fashion apparel and home trends.

I developed a deep passion for creating and designing back in high school, On my journey I also discovered a love for the healing arts, meditation, and sound frequencies.

As a Lightworker I can incorporate positive and uplifting designs into unique apparel and accessories. I believe in spreading awareness thru fashion and music. Indigo Sky reflects a spiritual state of mind.

The indigo way is to help awaken humanity to the Indigo ways, Which has it's roots in love, nature, compassion and spiritual awareness, with respect to mother nature and all living things. 

I had this vision of being able to help enlighten all of the awakening souls on the planet through my designs and stories, I honestly wasn't even sure how to execute my dreams to reality.

So l planted the seed and through hard work and determination, while never giving up on my dreams... that's how The Indigo Sky Lifestyle Brand was born. 

I’m proud to announce my partnership with ChangeCommerce@shoppinggives.com We will be donating  2% to of each sale to the nonprofits of your choice. Together we can make a positive impact on our communities and through out the world...the Indigo way.











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