Escape from the ordinary with our unique Bohemian Jewelry Collection. In a world of fleeting fashion and trends, our timeless jewelry is as unique as you are.                Each piece is individually handcrafted and inspired by the elements of nature and The Spiritual Awakening, with Semi-Precious Stones, unique seed beads, natural wood beads, Lava stone and Leather pieces, Ask us for our selection of stones as it may vary. 

 For CUSTOM ORDERS please contact Ursula on WhatsApp @ 561-657-5068 and we will gladly help you design the perfect selection of colors and stones.  Made with natural, durable and conscientiously sourced material. Our jewelry is versatile, waterproof and above all SUPER STYLISH 

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all jewelry.

Jasper & Wood-Healing Stone Bracelet
Jasper & Wood-Healing Stone Bracelet INDIGO DREAMERS $18.95 $22.95
Tribal Jewelry Necklace/ Bracelet Set-
Tribal - Jewelry Set - INDIGO DREAMERS $67.95 $70.00
7 Piece Boho Bracelet Set
7 Piece Boho Bracelet Set INDIGO DREAMERS $75.00 $130.00
Aqua Goddess -Bohemian Bracelet Set
Aqua Goddess -Bohemian Bracelet Set INDIGO DREAMERS $28.00 $45.00
The 10 Piece Mermaid Set
The 10 Piece Mermaid Set INDIGO DREAMERS $85.00 $139.95
Turquoise Pendant Suede Necklace
Turquoise Pendant Suede Necklace INDIGO DREAMERS $37.95 $65.99
Purple Bohemian Bracelet Set
Purple Bohemian Bracelet Set INDIGO DREAMERS $25.95 $52.99
Leather Choker Necklace Set
Leather Choker Necklace Set INDIGO DREAMERS $38.00 $85.00
Black Lava and Tigers Eye
Black Lava and Tigers Eye INDIGO DREAMERS $39.99 $60.00
Brown Leather Suede-Choker Necklace
Brown Leather Suede-Choker Necklace INDIGO DREAMERS $24.99 $35.00
Black Leather -Choker
Black Leather -Choker INDIGO DREAMERS $24.99 $35.00
Boho Bracelet Set
Boho Bracelet Set INDIGO DREAMERS $25.95 $42.99
Black Lava Stone Bracelet
Black Lava Stone Bracelet INDIGO DREAMERS $18.00 $25.00

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