December 04, 2019 1 min read

The Indigo mind is a state of spiritual awareness. It also happens to be the color of our third eye chakra. I’ve always been fascinated with this color even before I knew it's spiritual meaning.

Meditation and sun gazing helps to open this sacred portal to enlightenment.

 Early morning walks in nature and connecting with the trees, flowers and wildlife does wonders to help restore balance and harmony.

The best time to harness this energy is during the early morning sun and during the sunset. Just a few minutes a day has a magical way of activating the pineal gland / third eye. 

There are many benefits to doing this every day, but most importantly it allows us to tap into the endless source of energy from the universe, where inspiration and creativity flows endlessly, allowing dreams to be born. 


Indigo Sky
Indigo Sky

INDIGO DREAMERS was founded in 2018, created by Indigo Sky, a lifestyle brand for the Home & Bath, And Yoga Apparel, for the body, mind and soul, made to inspire.

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JLucas Lamar
JLucas Lamar

October 29, 2018

Very Nice!!


Thank You!

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